Friends of Cuba in Azerbaijan salute Day of National Rebellioness

‘Together with Cubans we celebrate 68 years of rebellion and dignity in the face of imperial pretensions. The attack on the Moncada Barracks marked the beginning of the fight for freedom and sovereignty of the Cuban Revolution that has inspired many peoples of the world,’ the message of Azerbaijani activists said.

He also emphasized that the anniversary ‘marked the beginning of a revolution that lit the spirit of Cubans shining with their light of dignity, self-determination and solidarity’, the note said.

The text stressed the friendship of the Azeri people with the Cuban people and reiterated its repudiation of the economic blockade against Cuba by several US administrations, intensified in recent years, despite the difficult conditions that Cuba is going through.

It recalled that Cuba continues to show solidarity and internationalism. In this regard, the Association of Friendship with Cuba thanked again the presence in Azerbaijan of more than 235 medical experts who have worked for a year to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.


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