#Cuba condemns attack on its embassy in #Paris and holds #US responsible

“We denounce terrorist attack with Molotov cocktails against our Embassy in Paris. I hold the U.S. government responsible for its ongoing campaigns against our country that encourage these behaviors and for calls to violence, with impunity, from its territory,” Rodríguez Parrilla wrote.

The Cuban foreign minister also assured that the U.S. government is isolated in its interference attempts against Cuba.

The head of the diplomacy of the Caribbean island asserted that Washington’s policy of aggression, aimed at suffocating the Cuban people, only has the support of twenty nations in the international arena, compared to the overwhelming rejection by the world of the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed on Havana almost six decades ago.

French government condemns attack against Cuban embassy in Paris

The French government has condemned the Molotov cocktail attack against the Cuban embassy in Paris and opened an investigation into the attack, the French Foreign Ministry reported on its official website.   “France condemns the attack that targeted the embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Paris on the night of Monday, July 26 to Tuesday, July 27,” the statement said.

The French Foreign Ministry stressed that it opened a judicial investigation to determine those responsible for such an attack, which caused some material damage but no casualties.  The note from the Foreign Ministry said:  “Measures have been implemented to reinforce the security arrangements around the embassy.”

 At midnight on July 26, the Cuban embassy in Paris suffered an attack with Molotov cocktails, two of which hit the outer perimeter of the building and one did not enter.  The attack caused a fire that was put out by officials of the diplomatic mission.

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez condemned the aggression and blamed the United States for “its continuous campaigns against our country, which encourage these behaviors, and for calls to violence, with impunity, from its territory”.

Cuban authorities have denounced the carrying out of provocations in front of diplomatic headquarters of the island in several countries, linked to the disturbances that took place on the island last July 11, and which the Cuban government blames the U.S. for organizing from its territory to destabilize and subvert the internal order of the island.

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