Venezuelan president says Ivan Duque is protecting mercenaries in #Haiti

“I spoke with the new prime minister of Haiti.  I told him to be very careful because all the personnel they have sent (Iván Duque) is to protect the mercenaries and divert the investigations of the assassination against President Moïse.”

Likewise, the Venezuelan head of state denounced the actions of the Colombian government presided by Iván Duque.  “In Bogota the mafia is in power. They are used to crime and to killing people.”

“Recently a journalist of German origin who was in the demonstrations in Cali was assaulted.  She was threatened with death.  Then the police arrived with a warrant, they took her prisoner and deported her.  That’s how the mafia works,” the president said.

President Maduro added that in spite of the constant pressures from the United States and the Organization of American States (OAS), the country must continue on its path towards its development.

“With blockades, with persecution and criminal torture, or without blockades, we have to achieve the path of growth, production and economic prosperity, so that we return to the social welfare left to us by our Commander Chávez”, the President stated.


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