PSUV of #Venezuela works to consolidate unitary candidacies for November elections

“We want to consolidate unitary candidacies, that go strengthened. That the decisions benefit  the revolutionary unity,” said the second vice-president and leader of the PSUV Electoral Commission, Diosdado Cabello.

Cabello stated that the PSUV open primaries represent the wide democratic participation that exists in Venezuela.  “These elections must lead us to more strength.  The candidates must be a guarantee of victory,” he added.

The second vice-president clarified that after the results of the primaries, the Party decided to modify the parameters regarding the percentage indexes in favor of having more unified and stronger candidacies for the elections of November 21.

“We were reviewing and to obtain 50 percent in an election where you have 20 candidates is not easy and that is why the political high command decided that it should be 40 percent and more than 10 points of advantage over the second place, in the case of the candidates for governor; in the case of the pre candidates for mayors it was decided that the percentage should be 35 percent and 10 points of difference with the second place candidate”, detailed Cabello.

Cabello explained that the results where the parameters are not met, the PSUV will pass it to evaluation and will announce the candidate that will represent the organization in the mega-elections.

“For example, in the state of Apure for the Governorship, Pedro Leal achieved 51.71 percent and Ramon Carrizales 45.31 percent.  It is a condition that although it exceeds 40 percent, it does not have the ten percent difference and this goes to evaluation (…) in Aragua Carina Carpio obtained 38.6 percent and Rodolfo Marco Torres 37.52 percent, neither of them reaches 40 percent and the difference of the two does not reach ten percent, so they go to evaluation”, explained Cabello.


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