Your weekly summary of 9 to 14 august 2021

US policy toward Cuba could hasten a migration crisis
The United States might speed up an irregular migration from Cuba if continues to tighten its hostile blockade amid the Covid-19 pandemic, a strategy with possible negative aftermaths for current US administration, lawyer José Pertierra warned. 

Pertierra, specialist in migration issues, told Mundo 20/20 program aired by Cubavisión International that even though President Joe Biden, on the one hand, implements a plan to preclude people from entering his country through the southern border, he is causing a crisis with respect to Cuba.

He stressed, the US government is using the Covid-19 pandemic situation in Cuba as a weapon to ‘tighten its blockade,’ as former President Donald Trump did when he imposed 243 measures to stifle the Cuban economy, a situation that forces a massive illegal emigration across the Straits of Florida.

The Cuban Revolution is not going to be unseated, but with this new US strategy the Biden administration can hasten a massive irregular emigration and that would be a real issue for the US president, Pertierra told José Ramón Cabañas, director of the Center for International Policy Research.

Cuba´s national TV program condemns destabilizing campaign
Cuba continues under a fierce campaign from social networks with destabilizing purposes including calls for economic plotting and violence, national television denounced. 

According to the source, calls for violent mobilizations –promoted on digital platforms from the United States, and also in Cuba- to subvert order and break citizen peace amid the complex situation Cuba is experiencing due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The television report revealed an audio message in which an individual living in the United States recommended blocking accesses to the José Martí International Airport as well as its runway, by using polyethylene tubes.

The calls on social networks include public disorder to provoke police response, denunciation of police abuse, accusations of arbitrary arrests, ‘fabrication of’ disappeared people, focus on alleged violations of legality by the law enforcement, denunciation of  false trials and extreme sentences. 

U.S. precludes free Internet access from Cuba
Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez on Wednesday said the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba precludes its citizens from having free access to the Internet. 

On Twitter, Bruno Rodríguez posted that a recent communication from the State Department ratified such a measure.

‘New Informative Note from @StateDept confirms that communication and computing services between #Cuba and the U.S., including the Internet, are banned, by law and by policy, except for the exceptions described therein, Bruno Rodríguez live-tweeted.

Recently, the Cuban foreign minister denounced that the US blockade is the major obstacle to Cuban citizens´ connection to the Internet, as well as to digital networks and other telecommunications services. 

President of Cuba distinguishes youth work against Covid-19
The president of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, sent ‘a very special recognition’ to young people who face Covid-19 in the country, on the occasion of International Youth Day. 

Through his Twitter account, the president highlighted the work of “young people who are facing with extraordinary courage the peak of the pandemic in #Cuba, from hospitals, isolation centers, medical offices and wherever they are needed.” 

Cuba currently maintains the most complex epidemiological situation since the beginning of the pandemic on the island last year. 

On previous occasions, the head of state has highlighted the work of Cuban youth in isolation centers and red zones. Recently, Díaz-Canel held a dialogue with a hundred young people from different branches of society, where he exchanged their visions to build a better country. 

CECMED authorizes to use phase-II trial with CIGB2020 candidate
Cuba´s Center for State Control of medicines, Equipment and Medical Devices (CECMED) on Wednesday authorized the start of a phase-II clinical trial with the vaccine candidate CIGB2020, seeking to stimulate the immune response against acute respiratory infections. 

The news was announced on Twitter by Dr. Gerardo Guillén, director of biomedical research at the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB).

CIGB2020 is a product that is applied nasal and sublingually to stimulate immunity at the local level, which is the entry of the virus into the body. The product has been effective in its application to individuals confirmed with Covid-19, limiting the progress of the condition to stages of greater complexity and severity.

The new product prevents the virus from overriding the body’s immune system and, at the same time, attains a balance in natural or innate immunity, which contributes to saving lives and other remarkable benefits in risk groups.

President of Cuba: Fidel Castro forged an emancipatory work
The historical leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro ‘forged an emancipatory work, established a hope for humanity,’ President Miguel Díaz-Canel tweeted. 

The president paid tribute on Twitter to one of the most transcendental political figures of the 20th century on the 95th anniversary of his birth. ‘He resolutely and undefeatedly faced imperialism and grew with his people and their Revolution,’ he added.

Diaz-Canel commented that Fidel Castro was the best disciple of the Apostle José Martí, for which ‘he learned and integrated into his daily conduct the maxim that ‘doing is the best way of saying’.’

‘Thus he survived his work, he thought, organized the Revolution, led it, fought, triumphed,’ the President added. Díaz-Canel shared on Twitter moments he had with the Fidel Castro and expressed his admiration for his work.

‘That a country blocked to perverse limits has developed 5 vaccine candidates, considering producing enough doses to immunize its entire population is more than a light at the end of the tunnel,’ he stated.


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