Fidel is a country

Fidel is the Caribbean Sea, paradoxically a refuge and cliff where cyclones crash. Fidel is the future that lives in every child, in every Cuban adolescent and youth.

Fidel is dignity, it is the intransigence bequeathed by Maceo, rooted in his obstinacy to never give up, synthesized in the conviction and the only possible destiny of our country: HOMELAND OR DEATH! , Overcome!

Fidel is strength, he is the love of all the women of my generation and of the one that preceded me, those who fought for the olive green embrace in each of his many and regular popular appearances throughout the country.

Fidel is the enigma of not knowing where his magnetism lies, his supernatural power as the residents of Surgidero de Batabanó refer to, whom categorically affirm that he could alter the course of cyclones.

Fidel is a country and a heartbeat. He is truth and justice. He is land, seed, root, tree and fruit.

Fidel raised as a universal flag of dignity. Fidel is a fighter and a winner. Fidel is a privilege of Cuba and a paradigm of all peoples.

To celebrate, this August 13, Fidel’s 95th birthday, is to celebrate his survival, his necessary presence, bequeathing us, his hopeful optimism, inspiring us, his imposing will, never broken, supporting us and accompanying us.

Fidel is sown in fertile soil, germinating, he is beating in the soul of the nation, encouraging, he is permeated in the memory and hearts of Cubans who, grateful and privileged, apprehend his fruitful legacy and keep burning the flame of the greatest, hopeful and edifying utopia: “A better world is possible.”

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