Russian expert says Cuba resisted new attacks

In an article entitled ‘Cuba resisted, the failure of the color revolution on the island of liberty’, Baliev underlined that since mid-July hundreds of thousands of people have been leading mass demonstrations ‘in support of socialist Cuba and its leadership.’

The author highlighted that despite the pressure and impact of the United States blockade, Cuban authorities continue to implement a set of measures to update its economic and social process and face the serious problems affecting the country.

He stressed that the ministries of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Belarus, China and India, among other countries, have spoken out against foreign interference in Cuba’s internal affairs.

He wrote that in the midst of this situation, more than 40 countries have expressed their solidarity with Cuba and their willingness to provide it with urgent humanitarian and economic assistance.

Among those countries, he mentioned Russia, Iran, Vietnam, Venezuela, Mexico, Nicaragua, Suriname, North Korea and Syria, as well as other Cuban neighbors.

Baliev drew attention to the calls at different international forums for the elimination of Washington’s blockade against Cuba due to its inhumane consequences.

In this regard, he recalled the declaration of the Caribbean Community, made up of 15 countries, which recognized that ‘the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by Washington for more than 60 years has painful consequences for the Cuban people.’

The Russian journalist underscored that Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel has accused the United States of intensifying its actions in the framework of a psychological and hybrid war to cause unrest in the country. also referred to the cyberattacks against Cuban media and the publication of fake news to promote terror among the population, trying to impose opinion matrices on the alleged collapse of Cuba’s healthcare system.

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