Cesar Arredondo: “I’m crazy about the locution that is to say on the radio”

In a brief moment with the Cuban Radio Portal on the Internet, and in order to celebrate the 99th Anniversary of Cuban Radio, César Arredondo confirms that radio has been the reason for his life. “I’m crazy about the locution that is to say on the radio.”

When assessing the importance of being the recipient of the National Radio Award, the voice-over of the Informative Roundtable that is broadcast daily by Cuban Radio and TV states:

“Without vanities or extravagances, I am aware of what I was granted that October 24, 2005 and I try to reciprocate, with my day-to-day actions, of that very important recognition that was awarded to me for my professional career by the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television “.

And to the new generations of radio players, what would a radio personality of the stature of César Arredondo say?

That they are aware of the order that society gives them and flee to self-sufficiency and pernicious vanities

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