Solidarity, an Essential Value in Times of Covid-19

Raising the risk perception of the population, today when the epidemiological situation is complex due to the increase in positive cases for Covid-19, is one of the objectives in each province in our country.

Social indiscipline is one of the causes that today affect these indicators. The population in Batabanó does not become aware and people continue to commit irresponsible acts, they do not respect social distancing, they visit family and friends and unfortunately we have to add the loss of human values.

Helping those who are victims of this contagious disease is not an option for many, who in fear of getting infected are not supportive but are not so disciplined either. We only realize the mistake when we live the bitter experience in our family.

I have witnessed strong criticism in the presence of people waiting for the result of a PCR or positive to the antigen test in queues for milk or bread. A great irresponsibility that affect many families and workers who do not have someone to do the purchases and put them in danger.

However, with good reason, the long lines of those who criticize are notable, while the line of those who sign up to help is very short.

These are difficult times, we must follow the example of those who extend their hand and contribute and help in different ways, in the donation of medicines, food and other resources to the isolation centers or simply support patients with home admission, which are not few.

In Batabanó there are many people who contribute their grain of sand to the complex epidemiological situation. The pandemic affects, it is not selective, it affects everyone equally, let us be responsible but at the same time supportive. Tomorrow you can be the one who needs the support not only of a relative but also of a neighbor, of a stranger.


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