Why is necessary to vaccinate the child population

Jose Angel Portal: Why is it necessary to vaccinate the child population?

In this way, Cuba will develop the first National Children’s Campaign against COVID-19 worldwide. It is a significant step to advance the country’s immunization strategy and in the protection, in the shortest possible time, of our children and adolescents.

Why is necessary to vaccinate the child population?

Let us remember that, in the first wave of the disease, infections in the pediatric population in Cuba were around 200 cases, and in the second wave, this figure rose to 600 children and adolescents.

Although in the beginning it was said that the disease affected more adults, fundamentally the elderly, the knowledge about the impact of the virus in the pediatric population has been changing.

Among the smallest there are mild and moderate forms of the disease, with symptoms similar to those that occur in adults, such as fever, diarrhea, general malaise, as well as taste and smell disorders; However, a form of serious disease known as Infantile Multisystemic Inflammatory Syndrome has also been observed, which can even cause death.

With the appearance of more contagious variants of the virus, such as Delta, the potential displacement of the number of infections from adults to the pediatric group, in correspondence with the advance of vaccination of the former, has been verified.

This means that to the extent that adults are vaccinated, the pediatric age is then the one that remains the most vulnerable, and cases increase.

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