Paralympic Athletes Committee elects Omara Durand as a member

Durand emerged from the balloting to elect the six athletes who make up the group from among the 22 candidates presented, a record number for this process.

The 29-year-old Cuban recorded an impressive performance in the recently concluded Games, with three gold medals in the 100, 200 and 400 meters, to complete eight Olympic titles, including those of London 2012, Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020.

In addition to the medal trio, the Cuban registered a new world record in the 200 meters, with a time of 23 seconds and two hundredths, to improve the one she already held and leave open the possibility of lowering the 23 seconds.

At the Pan American level, the member of the Cuban parliament also has a long trail of triumphs since in Rio 2007, she won three gold medals, then added two in the version of Guadalajara 2011, while in Toronto 2015 and Lima 2019 she achieved a pair of triples, to set at 11 the climbs to the top of the continental podium.

Omara’s election among the six unfolded for the Paralympic Athletes Committee, includes her into a group of nine members along with three other athletes from the winter summer events.


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