Public Health Minister analyzes health situation in Santiago de Cuba

Accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Ramiro Valdés Menéndez, the highest authorities of the territory and professionals of the sector, Portal visited the municipalities Segundo Frente and Palma Soriano, both with unfavorable indicators in the control of the disease.

With nine consecutive weeks of sustained increase of confirmed cases – 1,522 in the last two weeks,  26 deaths in the same period, 167 active outbreaks, and six community events – Portal Miranda described as very complex the epidemiological scenario.

He urged to revert the current scenario urgently. He pointed out the guidelines on which they should work with haste: reducing contagions and deaths because these aspects will allow measuring the effectiveness of the actions undertaken, which are still deficient there.

To achieve improvement in these indicators, early identification of people with symptoms suggestive of the pathology, their diagnosis, timely treatment, and immediate isolation of contacts to avoid long chains of intra- and extra-domiciliary transmission is vital, the minister explained.


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