Angela Carrasco shares longings with Cuban radio

From Spain, the interpreter spoke in the Sunday morning program Aquí  de Nuevo, in which she expressed her high hopes to perform in Cuba and spoke of the most important moments in her career, marked in its beginnings with the  opera Jesus Christ Superstar, next to Camilo Sesto.

During the conversation with director Gonzalo González, in the section Con nuestros artistas, Carrasco fondly referred to the Spanish artist, who wrote many successful songs for her and with whom she shared stages in United States and several Latin American countries.

I remember among those pieces A pesar de todo and, mainly Quererte a ti, a romantic melody that captivated several generations of followers in different latitudes, along with many others that had a profound effect in popular preference.

The artist reaffirmed her attachment to her homeland, of which she is proud, as well as having been born in a city called Manzanillo, such as the one located in the Cuban province of Granma, a coincidence that has become one more element to unite the Dominican and Cuban idiosyncrasies.

Carrasco referred to the reciprocal influences between music, cuisine and other traditional expressions and popular culture that bring the two island nations very close, beyond geographical proximity.

‘I ‘m very excited and I already see myself in Cuba,’ emphasized the singer, who recalled the presentations and ties of fellow countrymen like Sonia Silvestre and Johnny Ventura.

She commented about her latest album, produced amidst the pandemic, and showed great enthusiasm for how she was received  in Mexico and for the Grandiosas show, in which she shared stage  with other prominent  artists, interpreting very popular compositions of past decades.

Paraphrasing poetess Lola Rodríguez de Tió in relation to Puerto Rico, she affirmed that both the Dominican Republic and Cuba are both wings of a bird.


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