Franklin Reinoso forever in our memory

This is how Feliciano Reinoso became the first to narrate a live boxing fight from abroad.

His first contact with the radio was in 1957 when he visited the station with his father, who was a sportscaster for CMHS Radio Caibarién.  There, Franklin began his training as an audio operator, later in 1962, he was appointed as substitute announcer. 

 Featuring only the broadcasting theoretical knowledge acquired in an ICR(Institute of Cuban Radio) course,  he started on December 1, 1963, at  CMHW Station in Santa Clara. 

But he wanted to expand his knowledge and to this purpose, he passed a Course on Linguistics in Radio Broadcasting in Santiago de Cuba, conducted by Doctors Vitelio Ruiz and Eloina Miyares, along with national figures such as Moreno de Ayala, Aldo Lavandera, René Batet, Frank Guevara …. The knowledge he then acquired was shared with all broadcasters in the province. 

His first national evaluation earned him an A or First level, which he maintained through time … But he did not stop then, and with firm steps, he added to broadcasting his talent, and exquisiteness as creator and director of educational and cultural programs, which enriched the sound of the Queen of the Center, as we call CMHW. A lover of dramatic programming, hallmark distinguishing the W station, which ranked among the first in the country, he specialized as a musicalization specialist, alternating at times, as a narrator of novels. I remember the day when I visited the CMHW station, and the director Rolando Rodríguez Frenes, proudly invited me, as a novelty of the moment, to visit Franklin’s  MF. And his pride was not in vain. From a studio, attractive instrumental programming that the population sought and appreciated was being transmitted as an extension of the W in Stereo MF. This idea materialized by Franklin himself, earned the right to be considered, in 2002, the Estéreo Centro ( Stereo Center). Franklin served the instrumental station through the 60s and 70s, yet never abandoned his specialties. In 1984, the ICR asked him to transfer the station’s transmitter in order to expand Radio Encyclopedia’s signal to the city of Santa Clara. 

His innovative work in recording national and international soloists and groups that visited the province, his aspiration to achieve a better sound, contributed to his being selected in 2000, along with two sound producers, one from Radio Progreso and the other from Radio Rebelde, to visit the Picola Record studios in Montreal, Canada. There, he learned to operate the digitalized PROTOOLS system, which at the time was a state of –the art event in radio recordings. His life deserves the highest recognition. That is why I believe that what Franklin represents in the cultural panorama, not only in radio, is expressed in the criterion, which I share, given by our colleague César Arredondo, upon the presentation, as member of the Jury, of the NATIONAL RADIO AWARD FOR THE LIFE ACHIEVEMENT, 2021. 

¨Franklin Reinoso is much more than a radioman. In him, the radio artist is synthesized, through ideas and actions at the highest level. His love for the work accomplished makes him inevitable part of the high-ranking position that CMHW has reached on the national radio map and that today perpetuates his presence in the collective memory of Radio Cubana.

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