Marrero Cruz confirms work on thermoelectric power plant in Matanzas

During the exchange, Marrero acknowledged the workers of the sector in the solution of this energy crisis and those who worked in the plant for its synchronization to the National Electro-energetic System.


The repair of the Antonio Guiteras to eliminate the leakage of the fire flame of the boiler that heated the outer chamber included the cleaning of the seawater suction channel to improve the vacuum and the change of filters.


Marrero Cruz thanked the people who, in spite of the inconvenience of the blackouts, waited with discipline for the repair and recognized the efforts of those who participated in it.


As part of his visit, the also member of the Political Bureau of the Party, Manuel Marrero Cruz, talked with neighbors of the El Cocal district, in the Playa Popular Council, where he learned about the Integral Community Work.


In the exchange with the people of Matanzas, Marrero learned about the work of the delegate, attention to vulnerable people and initiatives to solve difficulties in the neighborhood with the support of the agencies.


After the meeting with representatives of the Party, the Government and community factors, he talked with the population and visited families with social problems.


During the tour of the Matanzas territory, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz was accompanied by Liván Izquierdo and Mario Sabines, top authorities of the territory and head of the municipality.

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