Manuel Porto will live on forever

Recently, in his appearance in  Al Mediodia TV program, Porto  explained the projects he was working on, and the energy he had  put into one of his emblematic characters in the current soap opera broadcast by Cuban TV “Vuelve a Mirar.” He said goodbye to his audience when he has just turned 76. 

Eleodoro Manuel Porto Sánchez, participated in important artistic projects in all the country’s media, including works such as films “La tierra y el fuego”, “La Leyenda” and “Se Permuta“. Later came titles such as “Plácido”, “Caravana”, “La vida es silbar“, “Barrio Cuba”, “Omerta” and “José Martí, el ojo del canario“, just to mention some of his  of the most representative works. 

The Ministry of Culture of Cuba, the National Council of Performing Arts and the Artistic Agency of Performing Arts ACTUAR, lament the death this Tuesday morning of renowned actor Manuel Porto, due to complications from Covid-19. Coming from a humble family, he began his career as an actor when he was very young in the movement of amateur artists of the Revolutionary Armed Forces and later in 1967, just 22 years old; he began at the former Institute of Radio and Television. 

His life was closely linked to acting, through radio, television, theater and cinema, hand in hand with great actors, actresses and directors, with whom he had the opportunity to learn and nurture from every inexhaustible source of wisdom.

Likewise, Cuban Television recently awarded him the 2021 National Television Award, which, traditionally, is announced on October 24, the date of the foundation of this media.  He starred in the Cuban novel, Cuando el agua regresa a la tierra, where he earned enormous popularity, and in which he showed his acting skills, and gave the history of television proof of his immense career.Along his prolific professional career he was distinguished with several awards and distinctions among which are those  of  Internationalist Combatant 2nd degree, the Ernesto Che Guevara Medal, and the Raúl Gómez García Order; National CTC, Order for Traditional Culture, the Replica of the Máximo Gómez  Machete. Council of State,  Ministry of Culture; Maja Desnuda 19 Order MINIAR, the National Community Culture Award. UNEAC – Ministry of Culture, the Best Actor Award at the XX Trieste Film Festival, Italy, 2005, and the ACTUAR Award for the Work of Life in 2019. Artistic Agency for Performing Arts ACTUAR. Social networks today are flooded with messages of farewell to this great of the Cuban scene. In 1992, he founded the Conjunto Artístico Comunitario Korimacao in Ciénaga de Zapata, a place where he was a great creator and supported the development of many actors and actresses who today are leading figures in our audiovisual media. 

Our condolences to his family and friends for such an irreparable loss and you Porto, receive the eternal applause of your people.

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