Your weekly summary of 27 to 2 October 2021

He urged to accelerate the anti-Covid-19 vaccination campaign that Cuba is promoting today, with the purpose of inoculating the entire population with the first dose of national immunogens in September.
At a meeting of the Government’s temporary workgroup to confront the new coronavirus, held on Saturday, the Minister of Public Health José Ángel Portal reported that eight million 813 thousand 982 people have received so far at least one dose of the national vaccines against the Covid-19.

Cuba takes steps for Haitian migrant´s safer return
Cuba is taking the pertinent steps and coordinating for a safe and voluntary return of Haitian migrants who arrived in the national territory through different provinces, it was reported on Tuesday.

According to a note broadcast on the TV News, Cuba´s authorities maintain contact with the Haitian Government, in accordance to ties of brotherhood, cooperation and solidarity that characterize the bilateral relationship.

Furthermore, such a decision is in virtue of the international commitments on migration to which Cuba is included.

Cuba ranked first in Latin America in Covid-19 vaccination
Cuba tops the list of Latin American countries with the highest percentage of the population (80.9) that received at least one dose of some Covid-19 vaccines. A 56.3 percent has already received the second shot and 44.3 percent have received three doses.

Cuba is also the first country in the world to authorize a national Covid-19 vaccination campaign for children, and according to official data, more than 1.8 million doses have been administered to groups aged from 2 to 18.

The aim is to end September with the administration of at least the first shot to two million children within the two-dose schedule of Soberana 02 and a booster of Soberana Plus, 28 days after.

Cuba accuses US of encouraging baseball players’ flight
Cuba stressed on Monday that the promoter of the exodus of its baseball players is the Government of the United States, due to the cancellation by the Donald Trump administration of an agreement between the national federation and the MLB

The accusation was made after six players representing Cuba in the U-23 Baseball World Cup being held in Mexico left the team, which is still striving to advance to the second phase of the event.

In this regard, the official website of the Cuban Sports Institute (INDER) stated that the disqualification of the contractual link between the parties prevents Cuban players from making their dreams come true through the natural route, which is available to the rest of the countries.

Cuba passes first micro, small and medium-sized enterprises
Cuba announced its approval of the first 35 micro-, small- and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) as new economic actors, the Economy and Planning Ministry (MEP) reported.

The MEP indicated that of those companies authorized, 32 of them are private and three are state-run, as set down by the legal norms for their constitution nationwide.

This first decision gave green light to setting up these new businesses, which can now proceed to their constitution as legal entities to roll out their economic activities.

Cuba denies fake news on medical trips abroad
The Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) denied the fake news circulating on social networks about new regulations authorizing health professionals to travel abroad.

In an official statement, MINSAP cleared up that there are no other labor standards for these purposes and those established in December 2015 still remain in force.

Since that date, MINSAP has indicated that Cuba’s doctors can go to other countries as long as they do so in a scheduled way to guarantee health services to the Cuban population.

Those already retired are not subject to any regulation, because they are no longer active health personnel.

Cuban ministry convenes Cuba 2021 Business Forum
On its Youtube page, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment (MINCEX) convened the 2nd Cuba 2021 Business Forum, slated from November 29 to December 2.

Planned to be held virtually, it will be a venue for negotiation and commercial contacts between domestic businesspeople and foreign firms with interests in this country.

Furthermore, the forum will allow for the promotion of exportable offer and investment opportunities in this nation.

This second edition will start with a virtual fair for the promotion of domestic goods and services, with the reactivation of reports in this regard as of October 4 (


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