Venezuelans commemorate the Indigenous Resistance Day

Remigio Ceballos, Sector Vice President for Citizen Security and Peace, stated that ‘529 years later we ratify that we are irrevocably free and independent and reject illegal coercive measures, our People is ennobled by the legacy of our father Simon Bolivar.’

The senior official stressed in his speech that the Bolivarian nation bases its moral heritage and its values of justice, freedom and peace on the doctrine of El Libertador.

‘It is the same libertarian route, the one we follow and will always follow together with our President Nicolás Maduro. Let us celebrate today the ancestral and anti-colonialist spirit of our indigenous peoples’, he pointed out.

He added that this is not a day to celebrate an invasion, a colonization, the day of Hispanity, nor to remember the Spainish kingdom, but to remember the indigenous peoples exterminated by the colonizers.

On October 10, 2002, by presidential decree number 2,028, Venezuela commemorates October 12 as the Day of Indigenous Resistance, in recognition of the perseverance, struggle for their dignity, cultural and human diversity of the original inhabitants of America.

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