Cuba celebrates National Culture Day

From eastern Cuba, the Fiesta de la Cubanía and its theoretical event Melting pot of Cubanness celebrate the creation of the anthem of independence written by Pedro Figueredo through a hundred of on-site and online activities.

This year, the event takes place amid the gradual reopening of the most representative spaces for the defense of art in the country, which is fighting the media war in this field and the siege of the economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the U.S. government.

Without a cultural blackout, the nation maintained the solid development of the policy outlined in that sphere by the Cuban Revolution, despite the Covid-19 health crisis, which confined literary institutions, theaters, or recreational centers to temporary closure and the subsequent move to other digital scenarios.

The pandemic was a fact as palpable as the well-earned representativeness of national artists in the realms of social networks, streaming transmissions, and multiple online exchanges that have preceded the commemoration established by the Council of Ministers in 1980.

Since October 10, the celebration, a symbol of identity and expression of national rebellion, has been taking place and will reach its climax this Wednesday when it will strengthen the ‘feeling of love for the homeland and the decision to fight, the artistic expression of the national identity, the artistic expression of the national rebellion, the artistic expression of the national rebellion, the artistic expression of the national rebellion and the artistic expression of the national rebellion.


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