Cuba knows how to stand to difficulties

“The empire wants impunity for its operators in Cuba and threatens more measures. What a disdain, arrogance and frustration that of the empire! It will receive an answer worthy of our people ”.

And too many are the evidence that the United States government is completely involved in the fourth generation war in which its Cuba-based employees intend to carry out a new demonstration against the Revolution on November 15, the date announced several weeks by the Cuban government for the opening of its borders to the world.

The opening will give way to recovering tourism for an economy that has been hit by a 60-year-old Yankee blockade and a pandemic that has caused additional damage to all countries in the world.

And this has been possible thanks to Cuba’s remarkable progress in controlling the pandemic, actions in which the contribution of Cuban scientists who developed several homemade vaccines has played a key role.

Noteworthy, however, that this new counterrevolutionary attempt does not only count with the usual support of the Miami anti-Cuban mafia, but also that of the government of Joe Biden, who, to the surprise of many given his background with Barack Obama administration, has considered of his own, the agenda of his Republican predecessor Donald Trump, one of the most anti-Cuban tenants who has passed through the White House.

But the disdain, arrogance, and frustration of the empire are receiving a dignified and intelligent response from the Cuban people and government, who do not stop in the process of improving work methods or in the necessary changes in the economy, and in everything that needs to be changed.

The small Cuba is great in its historical resistance to the reactionary politicians of the North, very well known by the Apostle José Martí, who for many years lived within the monster and was well acquainted with its entrails.

Frustration among the Yankees grows on as the Cuban people not only resist but also take new and solid steps towards sustainable development in a world that many times has said NO to the criminal blockade and that admires a country whose scientists have been capable of developing their own vaccines against the pandemic.

Yankee insolence, well known to the peoples of Our America, has its origin in their frustration at a Cuba that has once again known how to stand to the difficulties.

Havana, October 26, 2021.


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