The Tuesday interview or an assisted nudity

It is not about alternating questions and answers, it is not about a mere interviewee. We have in our hands the thread of a story and its protagonist and as such, I assume the fact. 

I have a confession to make: I enjoy and suffer the interviews. During the running minutes, time is suspended, the past, the future, open up before me. The senses are triggered in the desire to catch everything, to embroider each word, to interpret a gesture. I look at the cover image, with Professor Gustavo (son of the mythical radio specialist Antonio Lloga), and I am surprised. 

An interview requires a synergy, you have to lead it to shape the atmosphere. It is the cooking of two subjectivities. Along the way I have met talkative, collaborative, overwhelmed people. In these rivers of ideas it is easy to navigate, but there are also waterfalls that one must overcome, deep silences and nerves on edge. 

An interview is not a face-to-face meeting, nor what other circumstances have imposed on us, the telephone or the networks. There is a lot of psychology in them that mark the very moment before the interaction. 

There are models that speak of personalities marked by sociability and a preference for new sensations, or reserved characters and safe paths; also by high responsibility and order, or the tendency to pure creativity; cordiality and trust, or skepticism and critical thinking. 

Sometimes I have wanted to run at the end of an interview, some of them get your adrenaline pumping. Other times, I have fallen into a prolonged silence, because the ideas are thrown at you like rocks. An exchange between two personalities always produces a spark and the echo continues further. 

Radio works with an inevitable dynamic. Tuesdays with Musica y algo más  are like that. Just have to ask its director, Zulima Nicolau Lahera. If it is a live conversation – as opposed to having a written script – you will not be able to amend the wrong approach to a question or the harsh response of an interviewee in the writing. Radio demands absolute concentration. I always remember an actress who told me one afternoon that I was “undressing” her. And yes, in a way an interview is just that, an assisted nudity.

Here is that exchange, as it happened in the evening magazine of Radio Siboney.

LISTEN to an interview with the actress Lisandra Hechavarría Hurtado: “I cry to the last tear



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