European Union and UNESCO support patrimony restoration in Cuba

Representatives of 17 countries verified the progress of the heritage rehabilitation process of the Santa Clara Convent as part of the Transcultura program that unites Cuba, the Caribbean, and the European Union.

The diplomats assessed the restoration work carried out by the Office of the Historian of Havana, in charge of the recovery. The former religious building will become a specialized, ecological and educational center for young Cubans.

In this regard, Anne Lemaistre, director of UNESCO’s Regional Office for Culture in Latin America and the Caribbean, pointed out that the main goal is to strengthen the capacities of young people in the creative and cultural industries.

The work, scheduled to be completed in 2023, involves the total rescue of the building thanks to the donation of financing of over four million dollars and more than 250 thousand tons of materials or sophisticated equipment such as protective supplies, tools, and wood.

Isabel Brilhante For the European Union Ambassador to Cuba, Isabel Brilhante, this is a very fruitful collaboration between international organizations that seeks to consolidate alliances and regional integration.

The Santa Clara Concent, , established in Old Havana in 1603, will reopen its doors in addition to the exhibition space where its history, the model and several treasured archeological remains, the product of the construction works after the triumph of the Revolution, will be displayed.

During the guided tour, the attendees visited the different spaces of the old religious building, whose restructuring will give access to teaching workshops and community participation in its 12,600 square meters.


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