International fair promotes investments in transport in Cuba

With the presentation of the portfolio of foreign investment projects in transportation, Cuba promotes the participation of foreign capital in the reactivation of this decisive sector in the economic life of the country.

On the second day of the first edition of the International Transport and Logistics Fair, the project management portfolio for cooperation in this branch that generates goods and services for cargo and passenger mobility will also be announced.

This is a group of proposals that require financing and technologies that will complement national efforts to develop infrastructure, stimulate and diversify exports of goods and services, promote import substitution in the context of the global crisis that is also affecting the country.

The agenda of the Fair for this Wednesday includes conferences on the transformation of combustion cars to electric propulsion and on the experiences of the exploitation of electric quadricycles in the urban environment of Havana, and maritime services in Cuba.

Until Thursday, this exhibition brings together, among other economic actors linked to transport, micro, small and medium-sized companies in search of the productive chain, services and the search for new business opportunities with the state sector.

The fair favors the consolidation of existing projects or those under negotiation in a sector hard hit by the US blockade, in order to provide better transportation to the population.

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