Young creators take over on stage of the Decima in Cuba

The curtain went up on the first day of the Ibero-American Congress of the tenth and the improvised verse and dozens of new artists exhibited their talent, as a relay of the oral tradition in Cuba.

The event became an opportunity to measure the development of cultural projects dedicated to disseminating the practice of this aesthetic expression, as well as a presentation platform for the new generations of improvisers on the island.

Likewise, it constituted a space to evoke the work of the poet Jesús Orta Ruíz, known as the Naborí Indian, by the hand of his son, Fidel Orta.

The tenth is the national stanza of Cuba and has been fused in the root of the Ibero-American peoples, it has been a poetic expressive resource of the greatest poets in the largest of the Antilles of all times, said Orta, coordinator of the Office of Nabori Indian Cultural Research and Promotion.

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