Abdala is quality, safety and efficiency

The efficacy of the Cuban vaccine Abdala against COVID 19, which Mexico has incorporated to its immunization scheme against the disease caused by the new coronavirus, has been more than proven.

The immunogen, produced by the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, was approved by COFEPRIS, the Federal Commission for the Protection of Health Risks, as it complies with quality, safety and efficacy requirements.

Recently, the Mexican entity recalled that Cuba sent all its documentation, which was carefully studied, as is done with every drug that will be used in the country.

This was stated by Eduardo Clark, general director of the Digital Innovation Agency of Mexico City, to rule out any doubts or malicious campaigns.

As a booster and also for new schemes, the vaccine will be applied, equal to the other vaccines that have been used and are used in Mexico.

Abdala, the first vaccine developed and produced in Latin America and the Caribbean, was used in Cuba, after rigorous preclinical and clinical trials that demonstrated its safety and the absence of serious side effects.

This antigen produces a long-lasting response over time, Cuban researchers have pointed out, following updated clinical evidence and also demonstrated in the control of the pandemic in the country.

Its effectiveness has also been proven in children and adolescents from three to 18 years of age, by inducing high antibody indexes and avoiding serious stages.

Last August, the journal of the European Society of Biotechnology published an article on Abdala, applied in Nicaragua, Venezuela and Vietnam with satisfactory results.

The British medical journal The Lancet has also recognized the quality of the Cuban biologic, highlighting that it has been highly effective in preventing death from COVID 19.

Abdala as Soberana 02 and Soberana Plus are the result of the sacrifice and high preparation of Cuban scientists, internationally recognized.

Author: Josefina Arce / Radio Havana Cuba


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