Distinction to journalist, critic and cultural animator Fernando Rodriguez Sosa

Journalist, critic and cultural animator, Fernando Rodríguez Sosa , was conferred  the 100th Anniversary Distinction  of the Cuban Radio, during the meeting El elogio opportune (A timely praise), held at Fayad Jamís Bookstore, on the occasion of his seventieth birthday.

Linked to national radio broadcasting for decades, Rodríguez Sosa maintains weekly slots for literary promotion and criticism on more than a dozen national and provincial stations, including Radio Rebelde, Habana Radio, CMBF Radio Musical Nacional, Radio Taíno, Radio Metropolitana and Radio 26 of Matanzas.

During the homage ceremony, recognitions from the presidency of the Cuban Book Institute and the Economic Society of Friends of the Country were also conferred to him for his contribution to the cultural enrichment of the country.

Throughout his professional life of almost half a century, Fernando Rodríguez Sosa has been distinguished , among other recognitions, with the José Antonio Fernández Castro National Prize for Cultural Journalism, the Raúl Ferrer National Prize for Reading Promoters, the Distinction for National Culture and the 95th Anniversary Distinctionl of the Cuban Radio.

Maria Salome Campanioni
Journalist and General Web Editor


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