U.S. researcher says Cuba keeps surprising the world

Tanalís Padilla, professor-researcher of History at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), recently highlighted that Cuba stands alongside powers such as the United States, United Kingdom, and China in the list of countries that developed their vaccine against Covid-19.

In statements to the Mexican newspaper La Jornada, Padilla also pointed out that Cuba stands out for its high level of vaccination against the disease caused by Sars-Cov-2, only surpassed by the United Arab Emirates.

Padilla’s text, entitled Cuban Vaccines, and World Inequity, also recognizes that the island was the first country to massively vaccinate children up to two years of age and highlights the great effectiveness of Cuban vaccines.

She comments that the design of Cuban vaccines make them more feasible to vaccinate the world population, especially in poor countries.

The U.S. blockade against Cuba forced the island to produce its own vaccine, she adds and denounced that the empire refused to relax, even minimally, “its inhuman sanctions at a time of unprecedented health emergency”.

Under adverse conditions Cuba continues to surprise the world, Padilla affirms. “Its Covid-19 vaccines are another reminder of what can be achieved if you don’t operate under capitalist logic,” she concluded.

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