Cuban lawmakers assess a social communication bill

Cuban lawmakers to the National Assembly of People’s Power (ANPP, Parliament) assessed a social communication bill during the 2nd extraordinary session of the legislative body in its 10th Legislature.

As explained by the president of the Institute of Information and Social Communication, Alfonso Noya, the regulation aims to regulate the communication system for strategic and integrated management in the organizational, media, and community areas, for political, public good, organizational, and commercial purposes, both in physical and digital public spaces.

It also intends to establish the principles of organization and operation for all social communication media in the country. Noya noted that this 34th version is more solid, mature, and comprehensive than the one delivered in December to the National Assembly and has a higher level of academic, professional, and social consensus, achieved on the basis of dialogue and attention to each opinion.

The new project registers 69 changes of content and form, which represent a 59.48 percent transformation with respect to the 33rd version submitted to the second consultation with the MPs.

Edited by Gilda Gil


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