Cuba Unica campaign arrives in Shanghai, China’s financial hub

The Cuba Unica promotional campaign was launched in Shanghai, China’s financial hub, on Wednesday, in the framework of the 2023 edition of an important tourist fair in that city.

The Cuban representatives launched the initiative at a ceremony held at the Grand Kempinski Hotel, in the presence of Jin Lei, director general of Shanghai’s Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism.

Cuba Unica places the Cuban people, goods, and assets at the center of the attractions that characterize its tourist sector.

The promotional campaign arrived in Shanghai a few days after it was officially opened in China, as part of Cuba’s participation in the International Travel Fair in southern Guangzhou. Cuba Unica is being promoted within the Tourism Plus Shanghai (TPS) fair, along with its new tourist options in the so-called “smokeless industry,” its cultural attractions, and the authentic products that make it unique.

Since the fair opened on Monday, the Cuban delegation has met with travel agents, airline representatives, tour operators, and media present in the region and interested in Cuba as a tourist destination.

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