Culture, a grand door to humanity

It is infamous, grotesque and vile that people of this world insist on attacking culture, that wonderful asset of humanity. A simple definition of the word culture can be associated with music, performing arts, literature, painting, sculpture, etc. And, of course, those who display any of these arts are deservedly recognized and praised.

There was a time in Cuba that when referring to culture, our minds would lead us to the most privileged or only sector with the right to enjoy it. Nonetheless, in many cases such social class was actually ignorant, however, they only enjoyed it in appearance as something “distinguished” akin to the  bourgeoisie, even if they fell asleep while watching a classical ballet; it was something like a self-advertisement. In short, obviously the so-called poor class did not even know the meaning of the word culture; they were condemned for life to be illiterate and uneducated.

But one fine day in January,  a large door opened, trimmed with triumphal views and  inviting to enter a great immensity in which, all arts united in a bundle were shown as a festival of culture.

Present there, were great figures from all art expressions. It was simply a great spectacle of a Revolution that managed to open the great door of culture. And believe it, still unsatisfied it took that culture to faraway parts of the world to teach to learn and write to many others of this humanity. One fine day Fidel Castro said that “culture was the shield and the sword of the nation”; and that “without culture there is no possible freedom.”

Unquestionable truths gosh! And it happens that culture far transcends its already well-known expressions. Culture is to be educated; to love and respect women; to feel pleasure appreciating a beautiful flower; get emotional with any of the poems of our Martí; to appreciate with delight a sunset in our fields. And even more: it is feeling that we are brothers wherever we are, across the street or over here, with more or less wealth; encumbered or not.

Because, ultimately, the sun rises for everyone, and for everyone it will be the conquest of the peace that we so much long for. And, as an expression of sublime culture, to love and respect our sacred mother, the one who gave birth to us in a sublime act of love. It is infamous, grotesque and vile that people of this world insist on attacking culture, that wonder of humanity, because it is like killing life , hope for a more just world, faith in the future and the sacred homeland. “Love is the key to the world. And hate is its dunghill”.  José Martí

English version: Gilda Gil

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