Cuba reiterates commitment to the protection of underwater heritage

Cuba underlined in Unesco its commitment to the Convention for the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage and advocated promoting education in this area.

The island is represented at the Ninth Session of the Meeting of States Parties to the 2001 Convention by the director of the Regional Center for Management and Management of Underwater Cultural Heritage, Vicente González, who highlighted the opportunity to share the actions of the Caribbean country in the topic.

Although Cuba’s economic situation prevents it from carrying out large underwater prospecting, which requires large resources, we do have the strength of educational and cultural work in the protection of submerged heritage, he told Prensa Latina.

The largest of the Antilles has faced the economic, commercial and financial blockade of the United States for more than six decades, a siege that impacts all areas, including scientific research.

According to González, a file on the management of good practices to promote the protection and care of underwater cultural heritage has already been prepared, a document that will go through stages until its evaluation in one of the sessions focused on monitoring the 2001 Convention.

Cuba assumes the responsibility and the commitment to safeguard its heritage for future generations, said the director, who asserted that the underwater legacy to be preserved is immense, with more than four thousand sites and wrecks.

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