Cuban Foreign Minister reiterates denunciation of U.S. blockade

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez reiterated the denunciation that the United States prevents the importation of products from that country to Cuba, by virtue of the blockade imposed on the island more than 60 years ago.

In his Twitter profile, the top representative of Cuban diplomacy clarified that the markedly discriminatory character for the authorization of the sale of some agricultural products constitutes a very singular exception, rigorously limited, which cannot be called trade.

The Cuban Foreign Minister pointed out in his message that the law establishes that Cuba must pay for these sales in cash and in advance, and prohibits the granting of commercial credits.

In addition -he pointed out- it imposes other conditions, in violation of the rules of international trade and freedom of navigation.

He cited as an example the obligation to transport any cargo in U.S. ships, which return empty, thus preventing the import of Cuban products, which makes this relationship -he said- brutally unidirectional as it does not work today in any part of the world, not even in war situations.

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