Nela del Rosario Medina

Nela graduated as teacher of piano and music theory, she characterized for her artistic sensitivity, which has gone beyond the music and supported her personal life. She also studied guitar, practiced drawing and painting, also made incursions into children poetry and songs. In 1959 was published her social poetry and revolutionary book.

Nela was awarded with a Mention in a literary competition on the Literacy Campaign. From 1962 to 1967 her pedagogical and musical formation enriched when she graduated from the School for Coral Directors in Amadeo Roldan conservatory.

For over twenty-three years (1945-1968) provided teaching and music formation in public schools and advised choirs in the Choir School and Instructors Art School.

In 1979 she won a mention in UNEAC- POESIA competition. After her retirement she has coordinated cultural clubs and has given classes in musical appreciation at the Eldest Person Chair in the University of Havana.

In 1953, Nela matriculated at the Academy of applicants for the post of announcers directed by Luis Gardel. In August of the same year she got school leaving certificate and certified communicator.

Thus, the announcing became profession and came into her life to stay. On October 1st, 1953 without any experience The first of October 1953, no experience, made the selection trials Channel 2 “Telemundo” and became the partner of Albert Gandero in Ventas por TV.

Broadcasting and radio entertainment programs with musical and cultural subject matters was a recurrent line in her career since her first stage in Selecciones de operas directed by Italian Rafael Costabiles, who adapted to the television the best works as well as Viernes de Gala which was known as Ernesto Lecuona program. She was one of the women announcers of El Mundo en T.V, the Sunday program of the National Council of Culture, Teatro, directed by Loly Bujan and Roberto Garriga, Album de Cuba during Esther Borja’s absence, Arte y Folklore in 1959 among other programs.

In 1989 she retired and devoted to the Union of Retired Artists and the music appreciation classes gave the union retirees and music appreciation classes at the University of Havana.

On 28 July 2006, at the Teatro Auditorium Amadeo Roldan, the Cuban Institute of Radio and Television, ICRT, in a solemn ceremony, she was awarded, the status of Artist of Merit, and the same year she received the National Television Award for her work Television life’s work, the highest award granted by this organism to the most outstanding personalities of the radio and television in the country..


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