Abelardo Rodriguez Antes

Abelardo loved his work in the Cuban Radio as photography, and he was considered one of the most outstanding artists in this cultural expression. Tito Alvarez introduced him to the magic world of the photography, as a consequence of a meeting in the CMQ’s halls, at the beginnings of the 50’s. As a result of his devotion and effort and very soon he was one of the first exhibitor photographer of the Photographic Club of Cuba in such rooms he was multiple awarded.

His artistic works were exposed in international exhibition halls between 1950 and 1960 in which he was awarded and allowed him to belong to International Federation of Photography. At the beginnings of the Revolution his intense work in the national Radio and his transfer to Radio Moscow to work as radio announcer in Spanish in the program of Soviet program to Latin America, which made him to get away from photography as artistic expression, until 1982 that for insistence of his friend Tito Alvarez returned to his love activity and in 1984 was granted with National Award of Plastic Arts of the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists by his photographic series ”Los Paleros”. His photographic work was again on his way up, it grows vertiginously and his development places him in the vanguard of the Cuban photographers. Alvarez Antes got back to exhibit his national and international gallery.

The last ten years this multifaceted artist also made incursions into painting. In Sancti Spiritus there is a permanent exhibition of his paintings, a province in which he worked not only in the radio workshops but also the creation of a photography workshop which contributed to the development of the artist in this province and left his unforgettable memories from he created Plastic Arts Section of the Union of Cuban Writers and Artists at the 80’s, until his las exhibition at Domingo Fernández Morera art galley. In the Cuban National Radio Festival and as tribute of his memory the participants had the opportunity to enjoy the photographic exhibition of someone who walked with us, not only teaching but also in the production of radio programs of high quality for the enjoyment of our people.

Abelardo Rodriguez Antes a radio director, painter and photographer but above all a great human being, an excellent comrade and friend. His memory will always be with us.



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