Fidel, Obama and the War That Should not be Unleashed

Today I attended a transcendental  event: the most emblematic revolutionary live of the XX century and the beginning of the XXI-a man who will be  meet in a few days 84 years old , warned about the danger of a new world war, explaining the terrible impact it would have the war, this time almost inevitably nuclear and headed to the President of the most powerful imperialist state of the twentieth century and early twenty-first, hoping that time would understand the responsibility he assumed when ordering it beginning: “By chance, in that precise moment, the President of the United States is a descendant of African and white, Mahoma and Christ. He won’t do it, if we get aware of it. It is what we are doing here. ”

Fidel, the revolutionary man Fidel did intervene this time for his country, not even his directly involved region, but of humanity, speaking as a citizen of the world: the war even would end with the welfare of the rich people. The civilization that we all share, rich and poor, oppressor and oppressed, it might break. He did one day after commemorating the 65 anniversary of the unjustified dropping of the first atomic bomb on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and he tried to persuade the U.S president who has that act of arrogance and barbarism. The consequences of the nuclear war today would be more devastating, he warned.

One of the deputies at the meeting stated that one of the head of states who promotes the war holds a Nobel Peace Prize, he fights for the peace, and Fidel don’t. So his questions are so important: Does anyone believe that the mighty empire would fall back on the claim that Iranian merchants are inspected?; Does anyone believe that the Iranians, a people of ancient culture, more akin to death-we , will lack the value that we’ve had to resist U.S. demands?, do you have any solution for this contradiction?

If these questions could be reconciled, not as an act of strength, not as a triumph of the interests of the  most powerful people “,” the world’s population (could) be regulated, non-renewable resources, preserved, climate change, avoided, the work useful of all human beings, guaranteed, the sick, assisted, essential knowledge, culture and science in the service of man, insured. Children, adolescents and youth of the world will perish in that nuclear holocaust. ”

The plenary hall of the Convention Center was packed, because in addition to its rightful occupants, called deputies to the National Assembly, attended by invited local and foreign journalists, and members of the diplomatic corps. Cubavisión and CNN broadcast live the message. Telesur sent its most professional journalist. Although not wearing the uniform of Commander in Chief, Fidel wore an olive green shirt: it is his symbol; a warrior of the ideas advocated an inclusive peace.

The expectation to him was justified. However, a concern already: CNN refused, failed, and failed in their headlines the main message, which was the call for Obama. They pretended to report, and avoided to mention the being prepared war, “Castro talked about the conflict between the U.S. and Iran,” to say nothing. “The former president talked about international issues,” he added. Indeed, Fidel is news, its mere presence. But the humanity expects those decisions that affect everyone as listen. Let’s insist on repeating the warnings of Fidel, in order to reach Obama.



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