New book by Cuban radio staffer dedicated to Frank Pais

“Compared to all the biographies that have been written on Frank Pais, a Cuban revolutionary (1934-1957), this one has a great artistic–literary value. This book not only represents the revolutionary man, but also a person who has faults and virtues. This is the best thing that has been written so far on the hero,” reported Mariana Venero, a journalist and presenter of this book to the Cuban Radio Portal on the Internet.

The text deals with, in colloquial language, the changes that gradually occurred in the revolutionary thought of Frank País up to his death. It also comprises a characterization of this man, his environment and his social work without making the hero a myth, hence the title of the book.

Asela Santos, the writer of the book preface said about Frank Pais: “Due to his short life, he had no time for imperfections or banalities.” Certainly, by dying at the age of 22, he could not completely develop himself.

These references to Frank Pais were confirmed by many of his classmates. Rosa Quiala, a teacher from Santiago de Cuba eastern province, who reasserted the warm and gentle manner Frank Pais had to treat his colleagues said: “He was a very passionate and humble young man. He used to speak a lot about the guerrillas of the Sierra Maestra Mountains and Fidel Castro”.

This relevant biography represents the intellectual maturity of Urivazo. He has also written texts such as “La literatura cubana en la Radio y la Television” (Cuban literature on the Radio and Television) and the essay “Historia de la radio Revolucionaria cubana” (History of the Cuban Revolutionary Radio” for the radio in Latin America, of the Murcia University in Spain, among other crucial texts .

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