Cuban Radio Station Reflects Jose Marti’s thought

For that reason, CMBF, National Music Radio, has chosen that day to found a Marti Club named Mother America, as a tribute to one of the most brilliant speeches delivered by Marti in the Spanish-American Literary Society of New York.

Over 40 employees of CMBF station will compose the club, while the honorary membership will be made up by renowned personalities such as Eusebio Leal, the historian of the city, Pedro Pablo Rodriguez, a journalist and researcher of the Marti Study Center, Thelvia Marín, a Cuban intellectual, and Luis Garcia Pascual, an expert in Jose Marti’s work.

On April 25, CMBF will celebrate its 64 years of existence. On the occasion of that celebration, the station will include as one of its priorities, the promotion of the music, preferred by Martí not ignoring another kind of music, as Marti used to do, as he was also a great journalist and critic of art.

Some years now, the programming of the station includes two permanent sections broadcasting different sides of the life and work of Jose Marti, the most universal of all Cubans.

Dr. Pedro Pablo Rodríguez, National Award Winner for History and Social Sciences, conceived title: ‘Jose Marti, justice and art’, for the evening magazine “Estudio Nueve” of the station.


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