Statement about Mr. Alan Gross´ Health

This media campaign was made worse, when the State Department spokesman Victoria Nuland, expressed the concern of her government about Gross’ health through an email she sent to the French news agency AFP. Ms. Nuland, a manipulative person, gave a “tragic” outline of the detainee, alluding he is suffering from severe depression, accelerated loss of weight, severe degenerative arthritis and problems with prostate as well as other conditions, which are “supposedly” endangering his life.

For its part, the biased Voice of America (VOA) immediately took part of that media campaign of the State Department publishing an article on June 15, in which some lies were expressed as following: “U. S arrested person in Cuba two years ago for alleged espionage charges is in a serious health condition and according to his lawyer, Peter Kahn, the regime has refused to release the results of medical tests that were carried out in May.” The attorney Peter J. Kahn assumes his client is suffering from a dangerous disease which is being hidden by the Cuban government deliberately. It is the same kind of speech, the same repeated phrases.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba faced such fallacies through a press release, on June 15th.


Mr. Alan Gross´ health is normal. He has chronic conditions typical of someone his age, and is being properly treated for them. He is eating healthy, balanced meals. His general state of good health can be seen by the fact that he is maintaining a considerable exercise program.

The Government of the United States and Mr. Gross´ family have been regularly receiving complete medical information about his health. The Cuban authorities have been meeting periodically with U.S. officials and Mr. Gross´ family in order to share all information about his health.

The Government of Cuba regrets the distortions that are being spread on the subject of Mr. Gross´ health and respects his right to the privacy of doctor-patient information. Cuba demands that this campaign of fabrications ceases; should it continue, there will be no other alternative than to publish abundant information on the subject.

Even though Mr. Gross could be held at any prison facility due to the fact that his situation is not incompatible with that, he is being held at a military hospital; this is not because his health requires it, but to ensure for him the best conditions.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

June 15, 2012


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