Media War: the Aggression Goes On

A very common strategy in this media war is to disguise their subversive messages by using certain phrases and words in order to shape public opinion.

Some examples of the abovementioned and applied to Cuba include: calling President Castro’s government “Castro’s regime” (the word regime is usually associated with rules that violate human rights and kill everyone who oppose them such as those of Fulgencio Batista and Augusto Pinochet’s.). “my brother, my sister ” (they usually called this way people who actually want to see Cuba submitted to the United States, not the people who wants Cuba to remain independent and revolutionary), “patriot” (when they refer to a person who represents and stands for exactly the opposite of the best values of their homeland)” dissident “(to refer to counter-revolutionaries), brutal beatings (to give an idea of savagery and torture ); and self-aggressions and suicides (to present the idea that people who are in disagreement with Cuba’s governments suffer so much that they have to resort to take their own lives to put an end to their misery); and so on and so forth.

These examples are weak in comparison to other variants such as this headline: Combined forces of the political police, the national police, quick response brigades, Security officials, CDR and school children (in this case, they intend to depict a scene of extreme abuse of power that “true patriots (a.k.a. counter-revolutionaries)” must endure in their struggle for “democracy and human rights (a.k.a. a model of system imposed by the United States)”).

This kind of strategy is one of the favorite at the Miami- based Radio Marti station. I remember once, the Cuban television broadcast a report issued by that station in which counter-revolutionary Marta Beatriz Roque Cabello was supposedly surrounded by “repressions forces” that do not really exist. Another variant could be saying that the communist government of the Castros is responsible for what could happen and that they will denounce to the national and international public opinion any abuse that might take place.

Cuba cannot rest in its fight against this media war unleashed from the United States. Cuba should uphold its position and denounce all the hostile actions of this ongoing war in which the US mainstream media demonizes any country that does not bend to its commands.


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