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Latin American Film Festival Dedicated to Youth

This time, universities throughout the country will exhibit films in competition with the possibility of winning Coral awards in different categories.
The program of this event also includes a wide retrospective of Puerto Rican cinema, as well as a diverse and wide sample of Spanish, Italian, Polish, Japanese, German, Canadian and Caribbean movies. The president of the film festival in Trinidad and Tobago will attend the meeting.
The Latin American Film Festival will pay tribute to renowned filmmakers Chris Marker (France), Kenji Misumi (Japan), the centenary of Michelangelo Antonioni (Italy) and Jan Svankmajer (Czech Republic), a notable figure of animation, among others.
The Havana meeting will reserve a special space for the fine arts due to the centenary of artist Mariano Rodriguez to be held this year. He is considered one of the greatest Cuban painters of all time.
Related to this issue, they will highlight: the Latin America collective exhibition “Imagenes de una collección” (Pictures of a collection), personal exhibitions by famous artists such as Antonio Martorell (Puerto Rico), Daniel Lima (Brazil) and Fernando Pimenta (Brazil) and the exhibition of 21 posters in competition.

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