Genocide in the name of democracy, human rights ad more…

And is not that precisely what has caused the United States in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, among many other examples? They claim that they have to defend democracy , human rights , fight communism , preventing other nations have nuclear energy with peaceful purposes, there are hidden Taliban , that there are nations using  chemical weapons, well, up to be a nation whose government speak of literacy, increase health and education levels, , fight poverty and other social indicators .

The genesis of such evil , almost impossible to believe for future generations , is due to macabre plan, death is precisely what gives life to the Empire, or put another way , but it’s just the life of the Empire depends on the death of many . If anyone in this world still uncertain, one should review the history of this nation, the same who was born into the world with supreme goals:  greed and expansion.

When your government system is about the catharsis for their cyclical economic crises, then resort to war, and so the large military industrial complex becomes the lifeline naturally. It’s a cynical way to get the United States is increasingly powerful at the expense of the suffering of others, but above all, because the war allowed the submission from the great economic and military power . Countries submit or die, such is the substantive idea.

As is well known, there are nations with deadly weapons, capable of destroying the planet in minutes, including chemical ones. However, they have the agreement of the United States, nobody bothers , not discussed in the Security Council of the UN, there are no threats of ” Emperor – President ” Obama , are not required to surrender their weapons under international supervision . So, what you think? Please excuse the obvious of the question. Now it was the turn back to Syria and Iran in the peephole. We’ll see.

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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