Martha Valdes and Pedro Avila, among plans, budgets and numbers

Those people fighting life is the essential. The one that everyone wants and recalls. To which always comes in case of problems. Is that the ideal position to offer timely advice and that holds true story, that it will always be enriched by anecdotes and encyclopedic knowledge person?

The Cuban Radio has two excellent economists who arrived seven years ago in the middle and still remain in love with him: Pedro Avila Norway, Radio Rebelde, in Havana, Castro and Martha Valdes of Radio Cadena Agramonte in Camaguey

When asked Martha , who plays in Camagüey provincial station tangible , known fixed assets as basic medium, why still in the station after his retirement, he replied, ” I just do not like being at home , I prefer the smell of papers , always in motion, and the work environment . “

Similar response was chief economist of Rebel Radio: “These walls have left my youth. My life has been dedicated to the radio, and will continue to do while I have the strength and ability to practice my profession. “

With the rising fighting spirit all day Martha and Pedro, who warn the world its radial spring to move forward? They talk programming and any manager say about the radio as one of the specialists:

“I wake up every day with Radio Cadena Agramonte , allowing me to correct the mistakes are aired , either by directors , broadcasters and journalists . Anyone I say,Hey ! You ate an S ,Hey ! That is not so. I have a commitment to the station, and people recognize when I make an observation, “says Martha.

Meanwhile, Peter, talks about how much had to be prepared in Radio Rebelde to practice: “Be of the same economy that recording, studios, sound, remote, and technology in general. Anything to learn is welcome. “

What do you reproach the radio?

Martha : “Do not blame anything. Contrary to what some may think, I have much to be thankful for . The same people who made my joining, and those who today continue to me. I am the oldest of all women, so I have a lot to still give the new generations. Here’s Martha for a while. “

Pedro: “Something to reproach? – Smile missed – Nothing, answered himself. But thank you all. Mainly, the comrades who cherish in my memory, thanks to the spirit of unity that permeates Radio Rebelde. So the most emotional of my career was the time to be present when the station regained the flag National Staff Vanguard. That meant a lot to me. “

Translated by: Daysi Olano

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