Panama Will Invite Cuba to 2015 Summit of the Americas

During a meeting with members of the Association of Foreign Press Correspondents in Panama (ACOPEP), the vice president explained that preparatory visits and arrangements are now underway towards the 7th regional summit, but the invitation of Cuba “is a decision.”

“We are working for the success of the summit, based on a higher level of participation,” said the vice president. Meanwhile, Deputy Foreign Minister Luis Miguel Hincapie said that official invitations to the Summit will be made in November, because they are still working on the forum’s agenda.

Addressing the Organization of American States on Saturday, at its headquarters in Washington, Panamanian Foreign Minister Francisco Alvarez de Soto said that his government will work to have Cuba at the summit. “It is time, in the context of the new realities of our continent, that all nations share political space,” he said. “Cuba should be brought into the OAS and all their forums.”

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