Tell woman and light growths

Dedicate one day a year to recognize their presence and essence goes far beyond any eulogy to as part of mankind have the power to add to their intellectual and spiritual beauty, talent and physical beauty, tangible, only to them Nature endowed. Sources of life and therefore life itself, deserve not one day, but every moment of existence respect, veneration and affection.

There are countless women who in one way or another have given and give themselves their unconditional dedication to the good, noble and beautiful. In simple chores such as workers, peasants, office worker and homemaker; work that harmonizes with the sacred motherhood, to the arts, science, and politics revolutionary struggle.

Women, including Latin America, which now display its merits the first magistracy of their respective countries; Women also that over time they leave an imprint for universal human good, from a Curie Marie consecrated with her husband to research, to Cuba as Leonela Inés Relys Diaz, creator of the literacy method “Yes I can ” thanks to which they have learned to read and write more than eight million human beings throughout the world; Cuban nineteenth century as the Matanzas Emilia Margarita Teurbe Toulon, who in 1850 made out of her hands the first edition fabric of our beloved national emblem. Women also Virgen del Cobre Mambisas our first fighters for independence brought with them and proclaimed Patroness of Cuba.

Women Cuban poetry tenderness captivates us as Mercedes Matamoros, Dulce Maria Loynaz and Carilda Oliver Labra, to name just three. Music authors like Tania Castellanos and Marta Valdes; writers like Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda and Olga Alonso; actresses like Rosita Fornes; Radio and television announcers of the stature of Consuelito Vidal and many more.

In the patriotic work of recent years our libertarian task was illuminated by the charm of the heroines of Moncada Melba Hernandez and Haydee Santamaria; the Giralt sisters, cruelly murdered by the Batista dictatorship; Celia Sanchez, native flower of the Revolution; Vilma Espin, who left a beautiful legacy of revolutionary integrity, exemplary mother and tireless fighter for the rights of Cuban women and our children.

In the latest contemporary Cuban also have exemplary and commendable, as mothers and wives of our five compatriots, newly released anti-terrorist heroes.

Those from the pain of captivity and remoteness of their children and husbands were maintained at the height of patriotic duty and virtue and temperance highlights of an entire people in the struggle for his final return. Women today as Josefina Vidal, in my opinion one of the most important personalities of world diplomacy, who joins his talent and professionalism the necessary intelligence and elegance as a communicator, united around a remarkable personal beauty and worthy of respect.

In our everyday women are shared every day life in the workplace, schools, universities, fields and construction sites; also our wives, girlfriends, mothers, sisters, neighbors and friends every day to go about their business, emerging from their homes are like flowers whose petals renovated color and landscape every day, so every new and beautiful again.

He is the maker woman’s life, and each of them is life itself. To all without distinction, a big kiss full of respect, affection and sincere love.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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