Facepopular alternative social network exhibited in Cuba

This was expressed in statements to Prensa Latina co-founders of this new digital platform, Argentine Matias Reynolds and Fernando Cuestas, who participate in the International Conference New Scenarios of political communication in the digital-2015 level, convened by the Cuban Foreign Ministry.

According counted, this network came from a widespread need for expression of many people who did not have a channel appropriate participation because while demonstrating by standard networks such as Facebook and Twitter were punished or harassed arbitrarily for their support progressive policies.

Faced with this reality and as an alternative to such digital spaces, then it born in July 2013 in Argentina the facet network (Alternative Front against the Establishment) -Popular, marking the Latin American sense.

The importance of alternative channels such as Facepopular where people can discuss, express, or aligned with any position; or have a space of social interaction and development of human relations, where cultures are integrated, many truths or points of view is also vital in the communication relationships in the world today are known.

Meanwhile, Cuestas said that what is sought with this initiative in the digital field is to foster communication tool and potentially, of organization.

We believe this can be a great tool to meet and begin to establish political and social alternatives, and we are convinced that networks like Facebook will not allow us to do that.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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