Havana”s Historic District, Ideal Platform for Biennial

That space, located in the heart of Old Havana, has offered almost completely its facilities and galleries and even private homes that since May 22 are used as a special stage for the great event of visual arts.

More than one dozen of collateral exhibitions are placed in the historic district, which, according to expert Liset Valderrama, demonstrate the adaptation and versatility of the institution’s spaces for those purposes.

“The OHCH has long occupied a special place in the Biennial of Havana, among other things for the fact that the “Wilfredo Lam” Contemporary Art Center is located in the historic district,” Valderrama told Prensa Latina.

Its geographic location also makes it perfect to practice the slogan of the event “Between idea and experience,” so, many of our galleries are displaying the most varied collateral exhibitions.

Although more than 15 days has passed since this edition of the Biennial of Havana began, there are still about two weeks of full delight at the huge range of sensations the avant-garde visual arts cause, and the OHCH and the historic district will keep on being faithful allies of such purpose.


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