Chavez: knife, gun, trench…

When the sacrifices and efforts to get the reward, no means to pay tribute to a HERO with capital letters, never thought of honors or material wealth. Only his modesty, simplicity and commitment to the noblest dreams of mankind, rise like stars to illuminate the paths of the future.

You were brave soldier and brave warrior, frank friend and colleague without folds, visionary champion of the dreams of integration and unity of peoples; for let us not exist, but you are an indestructible symbol of conviction, tenderness and love, hearty and unredeemed verb, and line of fighter.

At this crucial time, the pain does not leave us, but not dent our faith in the ultimate triumph of the ideas. You dedicate a short time in your life to the defense of a just, humane and democratic process for the dispossessed. And you’ll still be part of this great project to erect a strong and powerful America where the dignity and solidarity are its most precious treasures.

So you will always be with us in the tough challenges ahead as we are. From the Rio Grande to Patagonia as a rider gallops on his white horse across the plains of your beloved land, the snowy peaks of the Andes and the Pampas, the vast Caribbean and the rebel mountains of the Sierra Maestra.

You’re still walking the streets again in the Americas; there is still a lot of life to your legacy and strength to continue the journey in search of dreams, because every day is a new beginning, because this is the time and the best time to tell you: Chavez, you are more alive than ever.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez

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