Goodbye 2015, goodbye Caracas

Jose Marti,thinker, his oratory, his humanist vocation when offered the South American nation the love of a child; and the poetic vision with which intellectual Alejo Carpentier reflected in nearly a decade, the wonders of the Orinoco, cultural diversity and magic of the characters Creole prestige stage in the 50s of the last century are clear examples of historical Union.

2015, has been exactly a year reunion with the past of the two peoples and an experience unprecedented to spread the life and work of professionals Island.

Along with the knowledge of the centuries-old relationship, here I learned to cook, to improvise a family and the true meaning of the word wonder.

I walked by Caracas that captivated Carpentier and visited the Plaza El Silencio, where for more than four hours Fidel Castro spoke to the youth gathered on Friday January 23, 1959.

I marched with them, I signed for peace, greeted the numerous cities Bolivar, climbed the hills; I heard about the Cuban doctors, the worshipers sing and play football surrounded humble houses.

The joropo, the drum, the arepa, pie, their unique and different words, their friendship, their displays of affection are the best gifts that I will keep.

Microphone in hand overcame shyness and approached their political and social icons, of which I learned the art of perseverance and passion to build great works.

The visit of the Cuban Five, the tour of various places, their complicity, devotion and eternal gratitude, was my deepest coverage. And the election process that Venezuela staged a few weeks ago was the most difficult.

I will touch goodbye in 2016 of the Bolivarian land. The same light that one day I received in June 2014, say goodbye.

Now come new challenges and goals. I make my own the words of Juan Almeida because in Venezuela, it is also a piece of me.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez



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