Reinforced in Cuba care for pregnant women to face Zika

The head of the Department of Maternal and Child Ministry of Public Health, Doctor Roberto Alvarez Fumero, said the importance of pregnant women come to the clinic as early as possible for the capture of her pregnancy.

He stressed that this will enable them to benefit from prenatal care, including those that contribute to the early detection of congenital malformations such as microcephaly, most likely linked to Zika virus.

In this regard, the expert said that the ultrasound was performed to pregnant women in the last trimester to 28 weeks stepped forward, and called for all women of childbearing age to eat a milligram of folic acid daily.

To protect against any disease transmitted by the Aedes mosquito, Fumero Alvarez urged pregnant women and their families, to identify and destroy breeding places within their homes and surroundings.

He also urged the future mothers also take care with the use of mosquito nets, pants, long sleeves and socks.

The executive said that the Cuban system of care, and in particular its Maternal and Child Program are prepared and organized to identify as early as possible and reduce the risk from birth defects associated with Zika.

For his part, Roberto Morales Ojeda, Cuban Minister of Public Health, said that last year there were two congenital malformations of its kind in the country, which is not a health problem.

Translated by: Daysi Olano Fernandez


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