Italian Psychologist Praises Cuban Event Histarmed

So, I’m going with this experience to hold a Histarmed event in Italy, said the specialist caring for drug dependence. Faced with a question about her expectations with the holding of the colloquium, she replied that it has turned out as expected. I could also appreciate the high scientific level, joy among you, and hopefully last, she stressed.

In Italy, sincerity in human relationships was lost, and neoliberalism is the large responsible, she said.

There, people is only interested in money, and it is very sad to see how young people are going to other nations, leaving behind an aging society, she lamented.

As of the reality in which she lives, Sartori presented in Histarmed the paper “El precio del poder. El valor de la salud.”

In such sense, she presented his views on how the patriarchal model does not value the concept of health, because their only interest is power.

Histarmed, where history, art and medicine are intertwined in search of related items towards increasing the cultural heritage of the sector’s professionals, the event will close its doors today after three intense days with the assistance of experts from four countries.

The program provides for the delivery of awards in eight categories.

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